Law enforcement and School District conduct active shooter training

Staff Report

NEWBERRY COUNTY — In an effort to always be prepared, Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster said the School District of Newberry County and law enforcement from across Newberry County will conduct active shooter training June 25-29.

Each day 20-30 law enforcement officers from across Newberry County will spend a day training on the response plans to an active shooter, and tactics that can be used to quickly locate the shooter and properly address the threat.

“For every 30 seconds a shooter has access to victims someone dies,” said Foster. “It is imperative that we arrive and enter the school as quickly as possible to save lives so we want to equip and prepare our officers should such a tragedy ever take place.”

On Wednesday, school administrators from across Newberry County will join the training. They will have an opportunity to hear the law enforcement training and then see first-hand how the law enforcement response will look so they know what to expect should the worst happen.

“We are so grateful to have such a positive working relationship with law enforcement that is second to none,” said Jim Suber, superintendent of the School District of Newberry County. “Most other school districts are amazed at the level of collaboration we share with law enforcement, but we understand this outstanding partnership makes us safer and better equipped in the event of an emergency.”

Sheriff Foster said all of law enforcement in Newberry County has been invited to the training because every resource available will be needed in such an emergency. The Newberry Police Department and Chief Roy McClurkin have been assisting in preparing the training and will be in attendance. The Whitmire Police Department has also confirmed their attendance at the training.

In an effort to share the importance of the partnership and training, the media is invited to attend the training on Wednesday, June 27 beginning at 9 a.m. at Newberry Middle School located at 125 O’Neal Street, Newberry. The training will begin with an approximately hour long classroom session and then move into scenarios the officers will handle using role players and simunition rounds.

Because of limited capacity and the sensitive nature of the training, the public is not allowed at the training.

Staff Report