Animals need our love and attention

The Newberry County Humane Society would like to alert all animal caregivers and animal lovers that God has gifted us with precious critters to love and they rely on us to care for them and show them how much we appreciate their existence. When you become an animal carefgiver, food and water are not the only things they need. Dogs, cats, horses, all alike need true love and physical attention.

They show their unconditional love for us in their smiles, wags, purrs, neighing, scampering around, jumping, grunting, doing tricks, playing, and licking us and laying in our laps, or nuzzling us, for the rest of their days. When we are happy, they are happy. They need things to sustain their lives (food, water, shelter), but most of all they need our time, affection, care, love.

We recently found out about a dog that was abandoned, while their owners relocated. Even with occasional visits, the poor defenseless animal died, without them around. A life was destroyed.

Additionally, please remember we are in some very hot weather and even shade is not enough, but when love is gone, life is a desperate struggle. Do not leave any animal alone. Abandonment is a felony. They rely on us for care and attention and they give us unconditional love until they die.

When you see neglect or abuse of any animal, please call the authorities immediately and save a life.

Lorraine Bradley


President of Newberry County Humane Society