Santa letters from Bright Beginnings

Dear Santa,

This year I want legos, play-doh, cars, & young 3-year-old bike forme.

Sincerely, Eduardo Contreras

Dear Santa,

Can you bring peace? For this Christmas I would like Shopkins & their happy places stuff. Also adesk that have a rolling chair (right across the Shopkins stuff) from the Our Generation section.

Yours truly, Carolina Contreras Murillo, Newberry

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is a Hatchaml and Glisty Globs. I also want a boy elf on they shelf. I also want a my life doll that it will be a cow girl. I also want a tablet or Ipad. My last thing I want to shopkins world and lots of toys.

Sincerely, Ashley Contreras Murillo, Newberry

Dear Santa,

My name is Raelyn Epps. I have one sister and one brother. We have been nice this year. I love play with my babydolls and I would like a new one for Christmas. I also want a power-wheel, so I can ride it outside. Adding to my list, I would like some new clothes and shoes. Santa don’t forget about my brother and sister.

Love, Raelyn Epps, Prosperity

P.S. I will have your favorite waiting for you.

Dear Santa,

I been good this year except when my curiosity goes wild. So I won’t ask for much. I would love for every kid to cherish something special this year. And for me I would like to spend Christmas with my whole family since we move to a far new pretty cool place.

P.S. I wouldn’t mind a new bicycle this year.

Love, Mary C., Whitmire

Dear Santa,

My name is Brayden. I have been a good boy and I am a good student. Please bring me Spiderman toys for Christmas. Bring something special for my parents, sister and brother. Also make my grandmother feel better. Oh don’t forget my teachers, Mrs. Dorroh and Ms. Price.

Thank you, Brayden, Newberry

Dear Santa,

My name is Ja’Miayah Lindler. I am four years old and I attend Bright Beginnings. For Christmas I would like a big Barbie doll dream house, Barbie doll car, styling doll head, Barbie dolls, clothes and shoes.

Sincerely, Ja’Miayah Lindler, Newberry