Prom-goers need to be safe

You know what you are wearing. You know where you are going. Now, read the prom guide to make sure you have covered additional important bases.

Make the smart move and leave alcohol out. Discuss your plan with your date ahead of time. Know the agenda and communicate with your parents. Take your cell phone. Have a trusted adult to be available near a phone. Buckle up your seat belt. Make the prom a happy time.

The high school prom and graduation season is a time of celebration, decision making and growth for young people. Unfortunately, many teens decide to celebrate by drinking alcoholic beverages, using drugs, and then get behind the wheel of an automobile. Too often this decision has disastrous results. Last year approximately 2,000 youth, ages 15 to 19, were killed in alcohol or other drug related traffic accidents.

Tuxedo pocket “stuffers” are being provided to formal wear stores, and corsage box stuffers to florists with a message that reads: “The Choice You Can Live With! Celebrate without Drugs and Alcohol. Live to Talk about Your Experience.”

Margaret Brackett

MADD Newberry County

Drug Free Coalition on Underage Drinking

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