Stay safe during holiday events

Alcohol destroys freedom for millions of Americans. The Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day season offers an ideal time to talk about safety and freedom. There are some freedoms we may not often consider:

• Freedom to travel safely from the threat of alcohol and other impaired traveling.

• Freedom from the threat of a violet, life threatening traffic crash

• Independence from fear of resulting serious injury or even death.

There are freedoms that you and I take for granted but for the 16,600 Americans who were killed last year between these holidays in alcoholic related traffic crashes, their freedoms were destroyed. And the more than one million who were injured, theirs are freedoms denied.

One of the most effective ways to protect people from dangers of impaired driving is the use of sobriety checkpoints. Sobriety checkpoints help law enforcement detect and deter drivers and present only a minimal delay to travelers, while they help raise awareness of enforcement of DUI laws. Along with SC Department of Public Safety and others, MADD Newberry County wants to see this enforcement tool more extensively and frequently used.

One of the best protections against death or injury in an accident is safety belt use. Checkpoints also provide effective opportunity to remind travelers to buckle up.

Please join MADD Newberry County in supporting these programs.

Margaret Brackett