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Council discusses town property

WHITMIRE — Community member Wesley Crisp came before Whitmire Town Council to discuss the possibility of purchasing town property located below the golf course and river.

“I’m interested in purchasing it, if the price is right. I’m big on being in the woods and being on the river and this piece of property is approximately 19 acres. About half of it is in the flood plains of Enoree River and the other half is right beside the golf course and there are about five or six gullies,” Crisp said.

Mayor Billy Hollingsworth advised Crisp that he would discuss it during his next Golf Association Meeting, to make sure there would not be any conflicts with the course.

“We will take it under advisement and talk with each other and the Golf Association and as long as they have no issue with it I don’t see a problem with it,” Hollingsworth said.

Hollingsworth also addressed Council about Duke Energy replacing their tower.

“We showed them two more places and they have selected the place by our sludge tank right off of Highway 121, DHEC has no issues with it, we don’t have any issues with it. Along with that, they are leaving their existing tower and generator for the 800 radio system. The price was about $25,000,” he said.

A final contract, which has to be adopted by ordinance, is in the process of being drawn up.

“This property will be the same as the one we have now. If they ever decide they want to move the tower away from here then the property reverts back to us. It’s really a win-win situation,” Hollingsworth said.

A motion was made by Councilman Michael Thomas to accept the contract and was seconded by Councilwoman Debbie Harris.

In other business, the Town of Whitmire had a beginning balance of $15,219.14 with $90,855.71 in deposits and $76,093.60 in expenditures, leaving the town with an ending balance of $29,981.25.

On the public works side, the town started with a beginning balance of $2,039.02 with revenue totaling at $68,846.61. Expenditures for the month came in at $61,835.15 for an ending balance of $9,050.48.

Other business:

• Councilwoman Chrystal Harsha, filling in for Recreation Director Ron Harsha, reported that basketball is wrapping up and forms for baseball registration are now available.

• Officer David Lawson reported that there were a total of 84 incidents for the month of January, along with 70 citations. Calls received from the department included domestic violence, larceny, possession of marijuana, driving under the influence and disorderly conduct. The Whitmire Police Department also investigated three traffic collisions.

• A motion was made by Harsha to help the Whitmire Rescue Squad with their turkey stew expenses by giving at least $2,000 to the squad to cover the $2,600 in expenses. Harris seconded.

• A motion was made by Thomas to not loan tables and chairs out of the Community Center to the public. Councilman Dwight Lane seconded.

Wesley Crisp spoke before Council to discuss purchasing town property located below the golf course and river. Crisp spoke before Council to discuss purchasing town property located below the golf course and river. Kelly Duncan | The Newberry Observer

By Kelly Duncan

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