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Women’s tennis splits series on second day of invitational

FLORENCE — The Wolves split on the final day of the City of Florence College Tennis Invitational with a 5-2 victory over Mount Olive before losing to Palm Beach Atlantic 5-2 in their last match of the tournament.

Newberry 5, Mount Olive 2

The Wolves faced Mount Olive in the second round of the invitational after falling to Barton 5-1 on Friday.

Newberry won two out of three in doubles action with No. 1 Amanda Carrillo and Marta Gomar picking up the 8-4 advantage, while No. 2 Elisa Aguirre and Lucia Davila put the Wolves up 2-0 with the 8-4 decision.

In singles competition, No. 1 Carrillo (6-1, 6-2), No. 2 Aguirre (6-1, 6-1), and No. 3 Gomar (6-1, 6-1) earned three straight victories to push the Wolves to the 5-2 win.

Two players were unable to finish singles play due to the late start time while Mount Olive picked up the last point of the match.

Palm Beach Atlantic 5, Newberry 2

In the third round Newberry was unable to overcome a 2-1 deficit in doubles play, dropping 5-2 to Palm Beach Atlantic to finish the invitational.

Newberry’s only win in doubles action came from the 8-5 decision from No. 2 Elisa Aguirre and Lucia Davila, their second doubles win of the afternoon.

No. 1 Amanda Carrillo contributed another point to the Wolves’ total in singles play with the tight 7-5, 6-2 victory. Palm Beach Atlantic would take the remaining three points while two matches were unable to finish.

During the opening day of the Invitational Newberry suffered a 5-1 loss to No. 20 Francis Marion.

The Wolves came out victorious over Mount Olive 5-2, but fell to Palm Beach Atlantic 5-2. Wolves came out victorious over Mount Olive 5-2, but fell to Palm Beach Atlantic 5-2. Courtesy photo

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