Newberry Observer

Whitmire defeat Blue Flashes

CALHOUN FALLS — The Wolverines won a hard fought contest against Calhoun Falls Charter by a score of 51 to 49.

“Whitmire came out and played well as a team. However, missed layups and free throws almost cost them the game. Fortunately, they stayed calm and held on for the win,” said Head Coach Andrew Bowers.

Nate Stanley had 15 points, three rebounds, two assists, two steals; Alan Stanley 12 points, eight rebounds, one assist, two steals, one block; CJ Saverance six points, eight rebounds, one steal; CJ Wicker three points, one rebound, three assists, one steal; Quentin Aughtry four points, five rebounds, four assists, three steal; Jaylen Brown five points, two rebounds, one block; Trey Lyles two rebounds, two assists; JR Epps six points, five rebounds, one assist, one steal.

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