Hospice Care here to help

No one likes to think about death and dying, but it’s something everyone has to face eventually. There’s an incredible resource in our community that provides comfort, dignity and respect to all those coping with a serious or life-limiting illness. It’s Hospice Care of Tri-County.

November is National Hospice Palliative Care Month, a time to reach out to our community to raise awareness about the compassionate care that hospice and palliative care.

One of the most important messages to help people understand is that hospice care and palliative care helps patients and families focus on living. This specialized care and support helps make more meaningful moments happen for those facing end-of-life challenges.

The hospice team provides expert medical care to keep patients comfortable and able to enjoy time with loved ones. The hospice team answers questions, offers advice on what to expect, and helps families with the duties of being a caregiver. The team also provides emotional and spiritual support for the entire family. We offer pet therapy. We offer companionship. Our team is local with deep roots in the Newberry Community.

Hospice is covered by Medicare, Medicaid in most states, and by most insurance plans and HMOs. Hospice care is provided in the home, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and long term care centers.

Hospice care is available to people of all ages, with any illness. Hospice professionals and trained volunteers will ask you what’s important and listen to what you say. We make your wishes a priority.

If you or a loved one is facing a serious or life-limiting illness, the time to find out more about hospice and palliative care is right now. More information about hospice, palliative care, and advance care planning can be found at www.msa-corp.com, or you can visit our fully staffed office at 13795 KR Koon Highway, Newberry, or call us at 803-321-0341.

We sincerely wish you all the best as you face these challenges.

Dr. Michael Bernardo

Medical Director

Hospice Care of Tri-County