Adopt a senior pet

The Newberry County Humane Society would like to celebrate Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month with an invite to the Newberry County Animal Shelter. Senior pets provide stability, calmness, training and always Love.

All pets deserve loving homes and especially the seniors, as a lot of times they are owner-surrenders and don’t understand what they have done wrong, except grow old. Many have lots of good years left, giving their love and devotion endlessly to anyone who is interested in an older animal.

Dogs may not walk as fast, but they still like to get out and walk with their pet parents or just sit and watch any festivities. Cats still like to get plenty of pets and they always offer generous “purrs.”

Please consider adopting (or fostering) a Senior Pet. You will be forever rewarded.

Lorraine Bradley


Newberry County Humane Society