Letter to the Editor

The Newberry County Humane Society is sending a friendly reminder that October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month. There are so many sweet, friendly dogs just waiting to be part of a family. Many have been surrendered by their owners and are already trained and housebroken. They might need some additional training, since they’ve been at the Shelter, but they are always willing to learn and make you happy. Some are quite young and others may be older, but older dogs are great dogs, as they “know things” and welcome the companionship they all yearn for. Friends and Family are so important to dogs (and cats) and they give so much back with all their Unconditional Love.

So, please go find your next BFF at Newberry County Animal Shelter, 240 Public Works Drive (Hwy 34) Newberry. Monday-Friday 10-5 p.m. They will have many dogs and cats available for Adoption at Oktoberfest, Saturday, October 6 in downtown Newberry. ADOPT DON’T SHOP.


Lorraine Bradley