Newberry Observer

Letter to the editor

Thank you for your article about John Caldwell. He was a great statesman who worked tirelessly to make Newberry a better place to live. I had the honor to serve with him on county council and witnessed firsthand some of his accomplishments.

When John was elected to Newberry County Council, the county had no industrial parks. It now has one that is full and has started another. There was no emergency room physicians at Newberry County Memorial hospital. There was no Piedmont Tech in Newberry. The library was the old Post Office building. The sheriff shared the building which was the jail.

Over the years John Caldwell led Newberry to be a better place for all of us. Like a rising ride, he lifted the quality of life for all in Newberry. The fingerprints of his accomplishments are all over Newberry County. His legacy will be hard to follow.

God blessed us with the life of John Caldwell


Henry Summer