Newberry Observer

Letter to the Editor

My name is Kathie Jean Einstein Robinson – The name is a long story. (No explanation needed).

I am a retired nurse after 20 years of service to Columbia area. I am now an animal rehabilitator (Behavior Modification).

I was showing cats in the CFA Arizona and California. The new breeds scare me. We have people dealing in genetics to create hybrids. I have a Dwarf Bobcat-Tabby Cat Cross. These are leopard cross commonly known as Bengals. I’ve seen a Fox Cat. When the creatures do not meet show quality they end up in shelters or dumped. I have six cats. Very unusual animals. It’s getting to be a matter of concern. I for one have always been an animal advocate. I have seen on Lanewood Road a coyote dog too. What’s wrong with this world that we‘ve gotta do this? I want the animal shelter to know that I have one of theirs, and they will get a lot of attention.

These animals need rehab just like people do and if the animal shelter sees any more odd animals – I’d appreciate a call and a chance to work with them instead of euthanasia. I have one of theirs that is very interesting indeed, already. So it’s coming people. Let’s work together on this. Please.


Kathie Jean Einstein Robinson