Losing a memory

Prior to her death in 2005, my granddaughter, Jenna Cripe and I worked on bringing back an old flower garden surrounded by a brick retaining wall.

On Oct. 30, I was surprised to find that an angel and a female statue that I had purchased for my “Jenna Memory Garden” were missing from atop the wall.

The angel is in a sitting position, has golden brown hair, white wings, a tinted body and a teal blue sash around its lower portion. The girl is approximately 18 inches tall, is also painted and has a crown of flowers on her head and surrounding her feet.

Every winter I take all the statues in her garden inside to scrape and repaint. My heart is heavy with this loss and I am so hurt that my privacy has been invaded.

Someone would have had to come far into my yard to steal these statues. If you have any heart, please return them and no questions will be asked.

June Seymour

Newberry, S.C.