State’s voting systems are secure

Rep. Walt McLeod’s guest column of June 1, 2015 in another paper states in part: “we gave away our ability to effectively audit or recount votes”… “protect the integrity of elections by assuring that each ballot is correctly recorded and correctly tabulated.” Rep. McLeod would like a verified printed sheet showing how a person voted.

If it is printed all can see what should only be private.

I argue that a person has a right to vote for who he wants of any party without a possible intimidation by any party, group or other individual(s) during or after he or she votes.

The Newberry Election Commission, including all counties in South Carolina, takes great pains to assure that each machine works and each vote counts of properly registered voters.

The current system allows a person to review how they voted prior to pushing the button for final vote. If there is an error the individual can correct it. If there is a computer problem each county has a back up which they can vote by paper ballot if needed.

With the machines and/or paper ballots the votes can be recounted.

It is up to the (individual) to assure his/her vote is correct prior to pushing the final button, or putting their ballot in a secure envelope. South Carolina has over time loosened and changed the rules where early voting can be done at each county’s election office.

Have there been minor problems? Yes. Have there been long waiting lines in some areas? Yes. That is a good problem that can be fixed. Should the current machines be updated? Yes but with no individual paper receipt.

Louis Neiger