Museum can help quality of life

The term “quality of life” is often used when describing great places to live, work, and raise a family. Cultural and educational opportunities, along with opportunities for recreation, leisure, and community are important to people living in a community, and to those considering a move. We are fortunate in Newberry County. Our towns and communities support strong educational institutions, churches, a medical center, an exciting retail market, not to mention the myriad sporting events, entertainment, festivals, and community programs.

The people of Newberry County continue to plan for ways to enhance and enrich our “quality of life.” The continuation of the penny sales tax will provide money for many projects that will improve infrastructure, provide for recreational activities and community improvements. The penny sales tax till also provide a new cultural opportunity in the form of a modern museum.

The Newberry Museum will offer a way for people to make connections with the people, places, and objects they see everyday. This will lead to a better appreciation of Newberry County, its history, the people who live here now, and those who came before. Children will be able to make connections with objects they no longer see in modern life.

With programs and exhibits that reflect the history, present, and future of the communities we live in, and those beyond our borders, the Newberry Museum can bring people in, and then send them out into our communities and beyond. The more you know about, and connect with something, the more you value and appreciate it.

The Newberry Museum will be the focal point for research on the history of Newberry County. Both visitors and residents will be able to research the histories of every city and town throughout the county. They will be able learn about the residents of yesterday; the experiences and accomplishments of the county’s founding fathers.

They will see their clothes, tools, furniture items and farming equipment. This will be a great benefit for genealogy research. Our county museum will have the historical origins of our schools and church’s as well as our fire departments and police departments. Research material will also be available on our Court House, Opera House and other buildings in Newberry County.

Research on our own Newberry College will be available both in permanent and rotating displays. These displays will show college artifacts of photographs, books, papers, awards, certificates and accomplishments. Research through a photograph database will be available to all museum visitors. This will be another great tool for genealogy research on Newberry residents. In addition, this photograph database will show original housing and building structures and their role in the creation and establishment of Newberry County.

So let us enhance and enrich Newberry County’s “quality of life” for yourself, and your children. Please vote for the continuation of the penny sales tax in November.

Sarah Eargle

Little Mountain

Elwood Jones