A prayer for the people of Charleston

The following was written by the Rev. Ernest W. Worman III, campus pastor at Newberry College, and was sent via Newberry College email to the college community concerning the shooting at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston:

When Jesus was told of the death of Lazarus, his friend, “Jesus wept.” Today, the tears of many, and of the Lord, once again flow in sorrow. We are all God’s children, therefore family, and a loss to one of us is a loss to us all. Let us take a moment today, to offer our prayers, aloud or in silence, to the Lord asking His abundant grace to be showered upon the men, women and children of the City of Charleston, The Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and the families of those who lost their lives today.

Heavenly Lord, God of life and love and hope, hear our prayers. Hear us as we cry to you in sorrow with the people of Charleston, and, the congregation of Emanuel A.M.E. Church. Be present among them in the power of your Holy Spirit, pour out your love, comfort them in their grief, watch over them in your tender mercy and strengthen them in faith, giving them a renewed hope in the promise of the cross of Jesus Christ and His resurrection from the dead unto eternal life.

Bring our communities together as one people, brothers and sisters on life’s journey, and, give us rest from the weariness and awfulness of violence. In your merciful care may we come to see in our lifetimes, “Justice roll on like a river and righteousness like an ever-rolling stream.” Amos 5:24

Pastor Ernie