Dangers of summer living

Well, the heat is on! Or should I say summer weather has arrived. These 100-degree days and the near 100 degree days can cause us problems in many different ways. Because of the heat, one should consider planning each and every move and consider all possible scenarios.

The elderly, infants, and small children should never be exposed to extreme heat or the direct rays from the sun. Remaining hydrated is equally important for all ages, and lightly colored clothing should be your choice for wearing apparel. If you must be outside, try to choose early morning hours or late in the evening, and please limit your strenuous activity by taking breaks and drinking an ample supply of water.

These hot days also should prompt us to conserve the electrical energy in our homes. The electric companies have a long list of ways one can conserve energy, seeing not only money saved on your power bill, but by overall helping conserve energy, as the power companies struggle to keep up with demand. Conservation actions such as closing your curtains, blinds, and drapes, turning off all unused lights and appliances, adjusting your thermostat to a higher setting while you are away, all help you and your electric provider.

Another danger that one might easily overlook, until it is too late, is the condition of our vehicles. The summer heat is deadly to tires, hoses, belts, and clamps. Every vehicle has a long list of things one should be concerned with when considering the dangers of our hot summers. Your battery should be checked to ensure it is in good condition. You must also look at your air conditioning unit, the filters throughout your vehicle, check the radiator and A/C condenser to ensure there is no debris to impede air flow.

So, you see we encounter many dangers in our daily lives due to living in this Southern heat, and you can help determine the safety of yourself as well as those who might be in your care. Please take extra caution during these hot summer days.

Here at your Chamber, we would like to invite you to stop in and see us at 1209 Caldwell Street, if only to get out of the heat. We would enjoy meeting you. Should you not be able to stop in, call 276-4274 and let either Liz, Michelle, or me tell you of the many benefits awaiting you through Chamber membership. Please stay safe.