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Newberry County Treasurer: Karen Lindler Smith

This week we have the opportunity to learn about the Newberry County Treasurer. She has prominent responsibilities in the Treasurer’s Office administering finances in Newberry County. Karen Lindler Smith has served 30 years in Treasurer’s office.

As Treasurer she has made a one stop shop atmosphere of Treasure’s Office by issuing decals which means less people have to travel to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Also successful in providing more convenience to the customer with numerous options (cash, check, money order or debit credit cards and with convenient payment process. In office or online).

As an elected official, the Treasurer is responsible for mailing tax notices, collecting all revenues for the County, its entities and municipalities within Newberry County. Each year the office mails out over 75,000 tax notices. They collect about $5,000,000 dollars in vehicle taxes and $1,300,000 in Delinquent Real Estate taxes. The grand total of taxes they collect per year for Newberry County is approximately $42,300,000 dollars.

The Newberry County Treasure Office employees that contribute to its success are:

Melony Fellers, Deputy Treasurer- 20 years employed

Betty Boulware, Tax Support Technician — six years employed

Brenda McCracken, Senior Tax Support Technician—five years employed

Katie Inman Layman, —Tax Support Technician—two years employed

The Treasurer is responsible for mailing tax notices, collecting all revenues for the County and the municipalities within Newberry County. This includes current and delinquent real estate taxes, personal taxes, motor vehicle taxes, other revenues for County departments as well as the renewal of license fees and decals on motor vehicles for the State of South Carolina. Detailed records are kept, maintained, and balanced for these revenues and dispersed to County Government, the County School District, municipalities and special projects according to the levy, local ordinances and South Carolina laws. Any resources not needed for immediate disbursement are invested to receive the highest interest rate possible. The office provides tax information to the public and legal professionals, provides County officials and independent auditors with figures required to carry out their duties and submit reports to various State Offices. It is essential for the Treasurer to be involved with the latest legislature issued and attend workshops and seminars pertinent to the laws and issues pertaining to the Treasurer’s Office. The Treasurer keeps the best interest of Newberry County citizens at all times. The Treasurer’s office is the one County office that almost every citizen must deal with each year. The office has an open-door policy for tax payers and always does its best to earn and maintain the trust of the community by having efficient, helpful service.

Citizens may contact Karen Lindler Smith with any problems or questions by calling 803-321- 2130 or by email at

Margaret Brackett

Contributing Columnist

Margaret Brackett is from Newberry. Her columns appear weekly in The Newberry Observer.