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Getting to know the coroner

This week we have the opportunity to learn about the Newberry coroner, who has prominent responsiveness for the County office.

She is supported by three deputy coroners: Chief Deputy Coroner Kevin Worley, graduate of Columbia College in criminal justice. He is a retired paramedic with Newberry County Law Enforcement and is currently an internal affairs investigator for South Carolina DMV.

Deputy Coroner Melody Martin holds a diplomat status with the American Board of Medicolegal investigators. She worked for Newberry Pathology Association for 16 years.

Deputy Tim Ringer graduated Mid-Carolina High School in 2007.

“The working experience and relationship between the Coroner’s Office is one of a kind. I have been amazed and thankful for the team work that is exhibited in Newberry. All the ladies and gentlemen that volunteer serve in public safety. We all have a great working relationship.”

“I enjoy being coroner in Newberry County. I do the job and it brings me happiness to serve others and to know that my deputies can help families during the darkness moments in life and help bring them the opportunity to grieve in a healthy way. I have the best of both worlds professionally. I can serve in the investigation side which comes with my law enforcement background and participate in the medical side which is always ever changing and very intriguing.”

“Since taking office I notice that almost all causes of death are traffic fatalities in Newberry County are directly caused due to not wearing a seat belt. This can be prevented by snapping the safety belt.”

“I enjoy being Newberry County coroner because it brings happiness to serve others and know our deputy coroners can help families during the dark moments by answering questions as to what happened to their family member and allow them the opportunity to grieve in a healthy way.”

The Coroner’s Office has become involved with community activities to promote safety and education: Newberry Coalition on Underage Drinking and the Newberry Chamber of Commerce.

Margaret Brackett

Contributing Columnist

Margaret Brackett is from Newberry. Her columns appear weekly in The Newberry Observer.