A great year for NYP so far

Robbie Kopp - Contributing Columnist

At the mid-year mark, 2018 has been a great for the Newberry County Young Professionals! We had our first ever NYP Gala where we celebrated both young and “more seasoned” leadership in Newberry County with a fun and formal event that was full of new introductions, building connections and even some games and dancing. If you have seen any of my other articles this year, you know that our target for 2018 goal is to better bridge the leaders of today with those of tomorrow.

Over this past year, two people really stand out in their commitment to Newberry County and to the NYPs. Mr. Robert Shirey was given NYP’s first Mentor of the Year Award. As a business man, he has worked hard to provide access to products and fun that resonates with our demographic. More importantly, he has been an advocate for higher wages, a proponent of the value of newer leaders, and is never afraid to share a word or a prod towards something greater.

The NYPs also recognized their first Member of the Year, Danielle Shull. Danielle was pivotal to the planning of the Gala itself. Her commitment to the organization and its mission has been clearly demonstrated through her regular attendance and meaningful contribution to NYP’s work. We are grateful for Danielle’s contribution and her example.

The Gala was successful because of the effort of tireless volunteers and because of the generous support of so many professionals both old and young. The Newberry County Young Professionals are so grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a caring and vibrant community. We hope to contribute and share Newberry County’s successes for many years to come. With the assistance of the Newberry County Chamber of Commerce, we able to cover the costs of the event and are able to set aside the needed deposits for 2019. Additional resources will be used to support a Professional Development Event coming in September and to support local causes.

Other upcoming NYP activities include a quarterly meeting on July 10 with a kickball game. We aren’t planning this one, but we are excited to bring a team to play together, raise money for local school supplies, and hopefully monopolize the score board. In August, Mary Alex and I get the great honor of hosting the first ever NYP President’s Event at our home near Newberry College. As I mentioned before, NYPs are bringing an exciting Professional Development event in September where we will refine and share the skills to more meaningfully contribute to the community.

I also want to recognize how NYPs are putting down roots and are digging into leadership in Newberry County. In the last few months, we have had two couples purchase homes, we have had more members advance in their careers, join other local civic groups, and we have had four NYP members graduate from Leadership Newberry.

Lastly, NYP leadership is excited to bring in new members regularly. For the remainder of 2018, we are making membership even easier by offering a promotional rate of just $20. It’s a small investment for great networking opportunities, a connection with people your age, and a way to join in what Newberry County has to offer. I hope you’ll join us or send the young professional in your life.

For more information online or on Facebook, just search Newberry Young Professionals. Here’s hoping that the second half of 2018 is as exciting as the first!


Robbie Kopp

Contributing Columnist

Robbie Kopp is the president of the Newberry County Young Professionals.

Robbie Kopp is the president of the Newberry County Young Professionals.