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Don’t fall for fraud

This week Newberry NOTES will feature South Carolina Consumer Affairs with Carri Grube Lybaraker, administrator. She will speak about the State agency that is designed to represent the consumers throughout South Carolina. To defend against fraud tips you need to arm yourself to avoid scammers. With the rapid development of technology, scammers are more active and more successful than ever. SCDCA has created guides to avoid scams.

Three ways to defend against phone scams: Don’t fall for high pressure tactics; Be suspicious of wire transfer or reloadable debit card requests; When in doubt, hang up and follow up.

Common Digital Scams: Phishing is a scam where an internet fraudster sends an email that claims to be from a business you may have a relationship with. The message asks you to confirm, update or verify your personal information. Smishing, similar to phishing, is an attempt to get personal information from you. The only difference is that Smishing attempts to come in the form of text messages instead of emails.

Important contact information: Report Scams to: SCDCA 844-855-5322

Do not call registry: Add your name to the Do Not Call Registry 888-382-1222

Free credit report: call 877 322-8228

Scam reports help SCDCA identity fraud TRENDS AND GET THE WORD OUT on what to avoid to consumers.

Margaret Brackett

Contributing Columnist

Margaret Brackett is from Newberry. Her columns appear weekly in The Newberry Observer.