Your health, your body at 70 plus

Margaret Brackett - Contributing Columnist

Teresa Arnold, AARP South Carolina State Director, is a special spokesperson this week.

Her subject is General Health, a healthy living guide in 2018. Your body at 70 plus. What to look forward to and what to do now for a longer, happier life. The good news is that you have many adventures ahead. Your quality of life is in your hands. You feel good and excited about aging. Sixty six percent of people in their seventies felt their lives have turned out better than they have expected. And you can expect plenty of good years to come. By age 65 women are projected to live another 20.6 years, men, 18 years. A dog would not hurt either. Forty percent of people in their 70’s own a dog. Older adults who walk their dogs have a healthier life with the exercise. Your health is more pliable than ever. Medicine has made tremendous advancement for heart disease and cancer, but fighting the third serious health disease comes down to you––diabetes.

This simple move may help you walk taller. Posture shifts with age. You can compensate for muscle weakness in your spine by tilting forward This early morning exercise can help strengthen key back muscles, making you appear taller and fitter. Lie on your back with your knees bent your feet flat and your arms at your sides. Press your shoulders down for a few seconds and then relax. Repeat a few times.

It is not your imagination. You are a bit shorter. Between your 50’s and 70’s you may lose up to three inches in height. Much of this vertical drop can be blamed on age-related factor’s to flattening of the disks that cushion your spine. Again strengthening muscles and keeping limber are essential.

Treat yourself to some new shoes. Our feet grow as we get up in years. Up to 20 percent of older adults limp around in shoes that are too short or narrow. Find an old fashion shoe store and get a proper measurement.

Margaret Brackett

Contributing Columnist

Margaret Brackett is from Newberry. Her columns appear weekly in The Newberry Observer.

Margaret Brackett is from Newberry. Her columns appear weekly in The Newberry Observer.