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Masking Tape

Masking tape has been around for a few years, I was surprised it was invented eighty-eight years ago May 27 1930 by Richard Drew.

Sharing some my ideas, doing a little research from the Readers Digest and, This Old House, have found great ideas for this wonderful tape, we will all find creative, hopefully helping us in our daily lives.

When making cabinets we masked the cut line prior to making cross cuts opposite the grain on fine woods. It prevented the wood from splintering.

Labeling Foods. Just put on food containers, sandwich or freezer bags, labeling and with type and, date with a permanent marker stored prior to putting into the refrigerator or freezer. It takes away the guessing game, the age of the food. Just rip off the tape to reuse the containers.

Labeling School Supplies. Having thirteen adult children and thirty plus grandchildren, (plus two are in the oven till September and October) it would help eliminate some arguments of what belongs to who. As a child proceeds to maturity you could put the next child’s name on the masking tape than place on the kids’ lunch boxes, schoolbooks and supplies.

The Readers Digest had a good idea for masking tape by making a Road for Toy Cars, for parents, grandparents or siblings. Just tape two strips of masking tape to a floor or tabletop for those Little Toy Cars children love to play with. Add a little handmade cardboard stop sign or two and they’re off to the races! Carefully guiding a toy car along the taped roadway is more than just fun for small children; it also helps them improve their fine motor control, which is essential for skills they’ll need later on, such as writing. Easy clean up, just pull the tape up.

Hanging Party Streamers by using masking tape instead of transparent tape to put up streamers and balloons for your next party. The masking tape won’t leave a residue. Should remove it from the wall within a couple days as the paint could come off with the tape. I would not suggest using masking tape on wallpaper.

Pin Stripping for an art project or wall painting. I have seen great art work on, cars, walls, tiles and fences, just to name a few, by people using their great creative minds. You put the tape on the project, paint every thing else, remove the masking tape, VOILA a masterpiece of art.

If you have any other creative ways for masking tape e-mail me.

Till Next Time!

Louis Neiger

Till Next Time

Louis W. Neiger, CLU, is retired from insurance and security planning, he lives in Newberry. He can be reached at