Growing Newberry’s leadership legacy

Robbie Kopp - Contributing Columnist

If you are a person that is working in the community to make Newberry County a better place to live and raise a family, I bet you could use a breather. Everyone that I have talked to has told me the same thing, “We’ve been wide open since the beginning of the year,” and some would say it started even further back. Whether it is personal, professional, or extra-curricular, things seem to be moving very quickly. From my perspective at least, there seem to be a few common threads that give Newberry an ever-expanding opportunity to look ahead.

First, young professionals are rolling up their sleeves and getting involved. Recently, the Newberry County Young Professionals (NYPs) have volunteered for community events like Irish Fling and the Second Annual Tom Perry’s Law Enforcement and Youth Basketball Tournament. We are seeing members take leadership in volunteer boards for nonprofits and local government. Members are also opening and expanding businesses and are even getting awards for “Best of.” What I am hearing more and more from NYP members is that they are being accepted with open arms into the Newberry family.

That acceptance and mentorship from the “more seasoned professionals” is the second trend. Young professionals would not be able to make an impact if every door was closed and locked ahead of us. When you invite someone younger than you to your women’s circle meeting, to serve beside you on a board, or even out to get a drink, you are helping us learn leadership, helping sustain your organization for the future, and you’re making room for us to share in the hard work it takes to make Newberry a better place. Not all of the doors are open yet, but people in leadership are holding them open for who is coming next, and we are incredibly grateful.

While these trends are incredibly positive, we cannot stop now. As we continue to find where every one of us fits in this community, I would ask you if you have a plan for making room for young professionals where you currently lead. If you have worked hard to make Newberry a better place, NYPs want to help carry your legacy. If you’re not sure how to get started, on May 11, 2018 from 7:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. at the Newberry Firehouse Conference Center, the NYPs are hosting its first ever Legacy Gala. This event is a black-tie-optional networking event for everyone from 21 to 121. The Gala will feature a putt-off, a wine pull, and other social games to meet new people for more highlights check out NYPs Facebook page (

It is going to be an evening of fun, networking, and carrying Newberry County forward together. This is the one NYP event where the young and once-young can connect and take a breather together. Tickets can be purchased at the Chamber or online (

Please come out and support Newberry’s future leaders and find how they can support what is important to you.

Robbie Kopp

Contributing Columnist

Robbie Kopp is the president of the Newberry County Young Professionals.

Robbie Kopp is the president of the Newberry County Young Professionals.