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Rotary focuses on education

When you were in school, did you get the opportunity to read just for fun? I used to love going to the library and just escaping to another world by picking up a book. Unfortunately, not all children in our community have this luxury. Because we understand how important reading is, the Rotary Club of Newberry donates books each month to the Boys Farm to help build their library. Additionally, we are now stocking “Little Free Libraries” at Newberry Arms and Grant Homes so books are available to more children in our community. Hopefully it will help them to do well in school, and to find and follow their passions.

How many of you loved school? Be honest now. Personally, I did, and I was pretty good at it. At least I thought I was until I started listening to the accomplishments of some of the students in our community. Once a month from August to May, the Rotary Club of Newberry honors a student from each high school and the Careers Center as a “Student of the Month.” Each student is introduced to the club and his or her principal reads a short biography of the student. Each month I am amazed to learn about the drive and focus of these students in our community. These students are involved in sports and clubs and leadership and are excellent academic students. They know what they want to study in college, they have a plan, and they are going after their dreams. It leaves me inspired and confident of the coming generation.

When you were in school, did you ever have that one teacher who inspired you (or maybe keep you going so you could graduate)? Mine was Mr. Bond, Mr. James Bond, who had a passion for history and teaching which inspired me to learn. Each month the Rotary Club of Newberry is honored to recognize an outstanding teacher in our community as “Teacher of the Year” for his/her school. These teachers are passionate, understanding and dedicated. They have a tough job being the educators and role models of the next generation. In our community, they are doing a fabulous job!

Christina Pomeroy

Contributing Columnist

Christina Pomeroy is the chair of the public relations committee for the Newberry Rotary Club.