Happy Birthday Opera House


Happy Birthday! On Feb. 20, the Opera House and community celebrated 20 years of successful programming as well as 20 years of friendship. Twenty years is nothing to sneeze at either! In an industry where many do not survive even five years, to have 20 under our belts is an accomplishment to celebrate! Oh, yes we do have cupcakes left over, and they are still delicious when we raid the freezer in the Green Room.

Let’s recap the last 20 years. From a pigeon coup to an award winning historic venue; over half a million guests through the doors; more than 300 donors of all levels; over 4,000 shows; millions of beverages; zillions of memories! Wow! With these numbers comes something else; the dark side. Well, not really dark, just not the fun part. Maintenance. Yep, good ole fashioned wear and tear.

The Foundation started a campaign on Feb. 20 called Reaching the Tower. This campaign addresses the Guest Relations and Customer Service items we take for granted every day. Who else has done the hand-washing dance in the restrooms due to horrible faucets?! How about the duct tape on your pants as you stand up from one of our 86 chairs? Personally, I have trouble seeing over the bar when ordering a beverage. Or my favorite, a light bulb that is out and costs quite a lot to replace! Reaching the Tower addresses these issues by helping us to purchase and install NEW and WORKING faucets; new chairs that speak to the class of the Opera House and Newberry and a redesigned bar area that services all heights and gives us back a little more room in the lobby. These are just a few of the items the staff has heard about from guests, as well as personally experienced day in and day out. With your donation, we can reach the tower and beyond!

Denise Reid, chairman of the Newberry Opera House Foundation, says it best, “The Newberry Opera House is a jewel whose value transcend time. Her tower proudly symbolizes a municipality comprised of citizens whose commitment to the arts, the education of the arts, and to the quality of life makes a proud statement of progressive and yet historic achievement. Bring an enhancement of life that introduces us to a world of cultures, musical styles, and engaging entertainment; the Newberry Opera House is a gift in itself. At this special time in the history of OUR Opera House we have the opportunity to give back to her as we continue to make her a fit for the generations to come. “Welcome Home to the Newberry Opera House” whether you attended Tribute Tuesday to honor local talent, or putting the “New” back in Newberry Opera House, you are invited to be part of her history. What an honor to celebrate the US!”

Welcome, Home Newberry!


Molly Fortune is the executive director of the Newberry Opera House. Contact her at molly@newberryoperahouse.com.

Molly Fortune is the executive director of the Newberry Opera House. Contact her at molly@newberryoperahouse.com.