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Margaret Brackett - Contributing Columnist

Terecia Wilson, is sitting down with us this week, Terecia is Newberry County DFC Coalition Coordinator, on Underage Drinking, at Westview Behavioral Health Services. She will discuss information about the Coalition, promotion of community level change through collaboration and partnerships and to reduce consequences associated with underage substance use and two local activities.

The Coalition works to prevent underage drinking and the use of marijuana through the implementation of a variety of evidence-based strategies including:

• Cultivating CommUnity, a series of community meetings to strengthen communities.

• Implementing Alcohol-Free Alternate Activities.

• Implementing Enforcement Activities, including Compliance Checks and Public Safety Checkpoints.

• Conducting merchant education programs such as Palmetto Retailer Education Program.

• Checking ID’s at community events where alcohol is served and sold.

• Building strong Youth Coalitions in area colleges, high schools and middle schools.

• Providing youth leadership training opportunities and establishing peer mentors.

• Providing parent training seminars regarding underage drinking and marijuana use.

• Conducting focus groups, community surveys and surveys of high school students to measure certain core attitudes and behaviors related to underage drinking and marijuana use.

• Providing special educational seminars for the community on topics related to underage drinking and marijuana use.

• Developing and implementing public information and education campaigns designed to prevent underage drinking and marijuana use.

The Newberry County Coalition to prevent underage drinking announces the annual Tom Perry’s Basketball Tournament for Law Enforcement and Youth, Saturday, March 24 at Eleazer Arena, Newberry College. Boys and girls, ages 11–18, can sign up free at the YMCA, City of Newberry Rec Department, or at your Middle or High School. Registration deadline February 24! Must pre-register to play. Players receive free T-Shirt and food, plus door prizes.

Announcing also,the local MADD NEWBERRY COUNTY is partnering with Newberry County Coalition to field a team for the Mothers Against Drunk Driving’s WALK LIKE MADD annual fundraising event Saturday, April 14. The 2018 WALK LIKE MADD will be held at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, Columbia. All monies raised stay in South Carolina to support Law Enforcement, support victims of DUI, and fight for anti-drunk driving legislation. For further information to join the team, contact Terecia Wilson, Newberry County Coalition Coordinator, Westview Behavioral Health Services (276-5690).

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Newberry County Coalition, please complete the “Member Information Form” available with Terecia Wilson, CFC Coalition Coordinator, Westview Behavioral Health Services, 800 Main Street, PO Box 738, Newberry, SC, 29108. (276- 5690).


Margaret Brackett

Contributing Columnist

Margaret Brackett is from Newberry. Her columns appear weekly in The Newberry Observer.

Margaret Brackett is from Newberry. Her columns appear weekly in The Newberry Observer.