It is time to recognize the Power of God

Margaret Brackett - Contributing Columnist

While there are many aspects of American life we love, currently our nation is in a perilous position. Because of enormous challenges facing our nation, you are asked to pray for our beloved country. Perhaps you have asked, as many others have, “Is there still hope for America?” Yes, there is hope for America, if we are on our knees, asking God to forgive us and rescue us in this perilous time.

Together we must continue praying for our country. An individual who prays and humbles himself before God can change the course of a nation. Our prayers are so important, and in contact we can make an eternal difference. It is time to recognize the power God has placed in our hands, and give our all to the purposes of God. Have faith that God is going to do something for this great nation, and believe He is about to do something in your life as well.

I once read a statement by John Wesley: “God can do nothing for humanity unless someone asks Him to do it.” If someone would just ask Him! Think about that! Ezekiel 22:30 says that if God’s covenant children would just ask Him to move on the earth, He would answer their prayers. God looks for those who will boldly ask Him.

As we pray for those in authority, the Bible says we will effect changes in the nations of this world, “that we may lead a QUIET AND PEACEFULABLE LIFE.” (Tim.2:2). But praying for those in authority does not mean we are to pray that the politicians in our favorite party will be voted into office. We just need to pray that the right candidate be elected into office and God will have his way in the matter. According to (2 Thessalonians 3:1-2) when we pray, God will deliver us from “unreasonable and wicked men” in every area and sector of our nation so the Word of God will have free course.

God’s Word is a stabilizer in our lives. Within its pages we find comfort, strength, and guidance for every situation in life. But if we choose to live without the Bible, we won’t have the assurance of God’s promises to help us through hard times. These are some of the most difficult days we have ever faced in our country. We have lost our oneness, stability and care for one another. Now our nation is suffering from uncertainty, uneasiness, conflict and distrust. If ever we needed to rely on the Scripture, it is today. Such times should lead us to cry out to God, asking Him for the wisdom, courage and obedience to do what is right.

A strong foundation consists of law and order, justice, truth, morality, decency, integrity, fairness and trustworthiness. When these are abandoned, the foundation begins to crumble, and the nation is in danger of collapsing.

How should we respond?

Turn to God- He has given us unshakable absolute truth in His Word. When we place our trust in what He’s said, we will receive stability and direction for our lives.

• Don’t run- Instead of trying to run away from our differences , we should run to God. There is no stronger or safer refuge than almighty God. He loves us and intends for us to stand strong and firm, and true in the midst of hardship, suffering, and loss, knowing that He is trustworthy. The foundations of our physical world may crumble, and we could lose every possession we own, but even then the Lord is sufficient to carry us through.

How does God respond when we turn to Him?

• The Lord places us under His divine protection. He guards us through it. He determines the limits of our trials and suffering.

• God is available. He is ready to hear our concerns and requests when we come to him in prayer whatever our needs may be. He has provided assurances and promises in His Word.

• God sees and knows everything, and uses our trials to test us. We have no reason to fear evil if we are secure in our relationship with Him.

• We must ask God for cleansing and reveal any sin in our lives. Then confess it and repent by turning away from sin and to the Lord.

• Pray for revival. The difficult times we face are larger than our own issues; our entire country is in trouble. The solution is not found in voting new candidates into office, but in pleading with God to send a revival. If we will sincerely turn away from sin and to God, a handful of individuals together could cry out to the Lord for our country.

America has become its own enemy, and its conscience has become dull and insensitive. Today truth is whatever each person wants it to be and a sense of respect and reverence for the things of God has been lost. Although Christians believe God’s Word and want to live righteously, the society around us has forsaken the Lord. The ideals and values upon which our nation was founded have been taken away from us. However, there is still hope if we will wake up, face the reality of our perilous condition, and stand for the truth just as the founders of the nation did.

The responsibility of intercession rests on Christians. Repentance begins with us, not the world. We are the ones who must humble ourselves, pray, seek the Lord and turn from sin so God can revive His church and heal our land.

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Margaret Brackett

Contributing Columnist

Margaret Brackett is from Newberry. Her columns appear weekly in The Newberry Observer.

Margaret Brackett is from Newberry. Her columns appear weekly in The Newberry Observer.