One year of service

Rep. Rick Martin - Contributing Columnist

Last Wednesday marked exactly one year since you placed your trust in me and elected me to represent Newberry County in the South Carolina House of Representatives. It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve and speak for the good people of District 40, and none of it would have been possible without your dedicated support.

In the last year, we have accomplished a great deal together, and our county has weathered storms and made leaps and bounds. More hardworking Newberrians are on the job, new small businesses have opened their doors, and we have made our mark on policy in South Carolina.

MM Technics opened its first manufacturing plant in North America, paving the way for over 60 jobs over the next few years. A few miles up the road, Samsung announced its first manufacturing facility in the Palmetto State, to occupy the site formerly owned by Caterpillar. More than 240 people have accepted offers for work, with a total of 500 hires expected by the end of the year, and over 400 more still to come. I was honored to attend ribbon cuttings for not only these two fine companies, but also for over ten new businesses and business renovations throughout Newberry County.

In the State House, we have introduced and unanimously passed meaningful farm tax protection. We passed Constitutional Carry, to allow law-abiding citizens to defend themselves without having to ask government permission. And something near and dear to my heart, the House also passed two bills dealing with adoption and foster care. All of these bills are frozen in-committee in the Senate until the legislature reconvenes in January. We have also either introduced or co-sponsored legislation dealing with our State’s flag, opioid abuse, tax and ethics reform, education, and so much more. But our work is not yet finished.

None of this could have been possible without you, the good people of Newberry County. As Samsung stated at its announcement earlier this year, the main reason why it chose Newberry was the people of Newberry—your character, your work ethic, and your friendliness. And I would never have had the opportunity and the honor of representing you in Columbia, had it not been for your trust, your support, and your faith. I am proud of our county and our people, and I am so grateful to you for placing your trust in me one year ago. God Bless Newberry County.

Rep. Rick Martin

Contributing Columnist

Rick Martin is the State Representative for District 40 – Newberry County.

Rick Martin is the State Representative for District 40 - Newberry County.