Your right to vote

Who would have thought early Americans would have had the forethought to designate a day for future Americans to eagerly celebrate the freedoms and independence they had fought, and many died, for? But that is what Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, two of the five to draft the legislation declaring July 4 as a “Day of Independence” for all Americans.

It seems that every year since the beginning, we have tried to outdo the previous years celebration. Whether it be a parade, fireworks, political gatherings, church gatherings, or simply friends and family gatherings, one can bet that the colors will be red, white, and blue! What a country we live in!

Certainly we have progressed throughout the many years. What started out as a few thousand immigrants has grown to almost 320 million people. What started out as a people desiring to live in a country where each might live their lives as they choose, is still basically intact.

Of course, when one lives in a free society, laws must be enacted to address those in the group who choose not to live up to the will of the majority. Our predecessors, when forming our government, must have realized they were creating something great because they came up with a system where every person might have a voice by electing a person to represent their wishes at the local, state, and federal levels of government.

Now this is where I am going to start preaching. If you, the people determine your elected official, whether on a local, state, or federal level is not representing you in your best interest, you have the right to seek a different representative. It is your duty to investigate every candidate, and vote for the ones you feel will represent you.

Remember this: The greatest freedom you have in America is your right to vote. You are cheating yourself if you fail to vote at every opportunity.