Join us for Reformation Sunday

Dr. Maurice W. Scherrens - Contributing Columnist

Congregations, members, Synods and Newberry College are eagerly anticipating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation on Sunday, October 29, 2017. Martin Luther posted “The 95 Theses” in Wittenberg Oct. 31, 1517, and the resulting debate about Christian teaching and practice led to changes that have shaped the course of Western Christianity for 500 years.

Newberry College, led by our campus pastor Ernie Worman, has been working with faculty, staff, community members and alumni planning a three-day event that will be educational and fun, The PBS documentary “Martin Luther: The Idea That Changed the World” will be shown four times during the weekend at the Newberry Opera House, and on Saturday Dr. M. Patrick Graham will present a lecture on “The Reformation of Luther and the Woodcut”.

On Sunday, the weekend will culminate with a reenactment of the Reformation and a combined service of community churches and the College at a Reformation Worship service in Wiles Chapel. The Newberry College Singers and a community choir will be joining together to provide the music. After the service, please stay and enjoy a southern lunch in Kaufmann Dining Hall.

My wife, Sandy, and I invite you and your congregation to join us for one or all of the events. This is a special time for the Church and College alike and we hope you will be able to attend.

Dr. Maurice W. Scherrens

Contributing Columnist

Dr. Maurice W. Scherrens is president at Newberry College.

Dr. Maurice W. Scherrens is president at Newberry College.