Prosperity plans to showcase itself

By Carson Lambert -
Underwood -

By Carson Lambert


PROSPERITY — Mayor Derek Underwood is continuing his mission to better market the town through social media in order to “showcase the Town of Prosperity, showcase our businesses (and) showcase what we have to offer.”

Still in the early stages Underwood is currently gathering information and the town will likely bid out a contract for marketing services at a later date.

Underwood also reported damage he has observed to sidewalks around town as a result of some recent underground boring.

“I counted 20 to 25 major cracks in the sidewalk that did not include the actual boring area,” Underwood said.

Utilities director Ed West said the contractor is aware of the issue and once they reach the substation area they will double back to make repairs.

“It’s a part of the timeline,” West said. “I can’t tell you a week or a date but they’re working pretty much seven days a week.”

Town administrator Karen Livingston reported Sgt. Kenneth Hite is currently investigating a burglary on Dewalt Street involving stolen weapons which occurred earlier this week.

“They have recovered two of the three weapons and the suspects are in custody,” Livingston said.

Council also reported police chief David Beddingfield will be taking a leave of absence while he campaigns for the office of Newberry County sheriff and will remain on leave until after November’s election.

Reach Carson Lambert at 803-276-0625, ext. 1868, or on Twitter @TheNBOnews.

Reach Carson Lambert at 803-276-0625, ext. 1868, or on Twitter @TheNBOnews.