Board closer to approving budget

NEWBERRY — The Newberry County School District is one step closer to finalizing the budget for 2015-16 after additional changes showed changes in both revenue and expenditures.

Revenue saw a decrease of a little over $40,000 for the Educational Finance Act.

Susan Dowd, chief financial officer for the district, said the decrease is because the Senate projection changed based on the current year average daily membership. The change brought the 2015-16 projected revenue to $50,176,151.

Expenditures had two major changes, one a reduction of $50,000 and the other an addition of $9,000. The $50,000 came from the STEM line, which was removed. This was going to be used for a position at the Newberry County Career Center.

“The numbers for the classes are not there to add another position at the Career Center. So, this gives us a reduction of $50,000,” Dowd said.

The $9,000 increase went toward the CPI increase and contractual changes subject line. This will go to buy software for time and attendance for part time employees for the Affordable Care Act.

These changes have made the projected expenditures for 2015-16 to $50,157,868. This brings the difference in revenue and expenditures to $18,283, with more revenue than expenditures.

Board member Hugh Gray Jr. asked Dowd about the $50,000 athletic supplement increase. He wanted to know how this money was being distributed, and how exactly it will work.

“This supplement increase will be to add assistant athletic directors at all of the high schools and an assistant football coach at Newberry High School and Mid-Carolina High School,” Dowd said.

She also said this will not be used to hire new employees at the schools, but rather give current employees those added positions. The current base student cost is now $2,220, an increase of $100 from last year’s budget.

In other business

• The second reading and adoption of the budget will be held June 15. The state Legislature has not finalized its budget and revenue projections could change.