Students should follow these tips about managing their money

NEWBERRY COUNTY — Students need to know how to manage money and to make it grow. Knowing what to do with your money helps you manage your income and expenses throughout your life. These tips from Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA) will help.

Entire sectors of the economy are dedicated to separating you from your hard-earned cash. Here are some tips to help you keep more of your money.

Every time you consider buying something, whether it’s a soda or song download, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” If the answer is no, don’t buy it. Follow these tips:

• Don’t get in over your head with buying clothes, eating out or living a lifestyle you can’t pay for.

• Buy smart by being a good consumer and researching your options.

• Avoid buying something on impulse, especially a high dollar item.

• Comparison shop — you might find bargains elsewhere.

• Always have a budget, monitor your bank account carefully and check your credit reports once a year for accuracy and possible identity theft.

KHEAA is a public, non-profit agency established in 1966 to improve students’ access to college. It provides information about financial aid and financial literacy at no cost to students and parents. KHEAA provides the ThinkAhead Net Price Calculator to universities and colleges.

The calculator, available on a school’s website, lets students and parents determine their out-of-pocket costs for attending that school. KHEAA also helps colleges manage their student loan default rates and verify information submitted on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

In addition, KHEAA disburses private Advantage Education Loans on behalf of its sister agency, KHESLC. For more information about Advantage Education Loans, visit