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School District budget discussed

NEWBERRY — The Newberry County School District’s first Budget Work Session has projected revenue for 2018-19 at $55,650,401 and projected expenditures at $55,783,270. While this shows a deficit of $132,869, Susan Dowd, chief financial officer, says this is just a first look and is subject to change.

On the revenue side, estimated revenue has increased from last year’s $54,501,233 budget.

On the local revenue side, it is projected the District will receive $19,107,000 which will come from summer school/tuition, interest on investments and miscellaneous local revenue. This is an increase from last year’s local revenue, which was $18,782,000.

On the state side, it is projected that the District will receive $36,260,735. This will come from revenue sources such as Education Finance Act, Teacher Salary Support and Retiree Insurance. This is an increase over last year’s state revenue, which was $35,436,567.

When it comes to expenditures, there are a few changes from the 2017-18 approved budget, some of the changes are as follows.

Certified Position saw a decrease of $100,000, based on classroom projections, there will be a decrease of two positions at Gallman Elementary School and one for Bio-Med, there will also be an increase of a kindergarten teacher at Little Mountain Elementary.

With the addition of a kindergarten teacher, also comes the need for a classroom assistant, which increases Classified Position by $25,000.

There is also a $40,000 increase in Administrative Position.

“We were going to restructure the assistant principal position at Reuben, currently they have an assistant principal that is retiring. What we are looking at is a combination of a curriculum coordinator and a reading coach, that will actually reduce cost there. We are looking at a range of $40,000 or so,” Dowd said. “On the other hand, there seems to be a great need for assistance at the Career Center, at the assistant principal level. Should that occur, what I feel like is potentially $80,000 cost or so, we need about $40,000 to make the change.”

In Transportation, there is an increase of $20,640. According to Dowd, there is new legislation saying bus drivers can no longer use cell phones, and are required to use walkie talkies. The School District has been using cell phones for many years.

“However, what we are looking at potentially doing, is using fund balance to make the purchase of the walkie-talkies because it would be a one time purchase. However, they have an annual maintenance we’d have to provide for them that we have in the budget,” she said.

Human Resources/Instruction went up $15,000 for a new teacher training evaluation program, which is being required by the state.

One area the District does not have a number, as of yet, is Health Insurance. Dowd said they have not received the projection yet, but expect to receive it soon.

By Andrew Wigger

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