Phasing out Fine Arts and Lectures Series

Victoria Corriston for The Newberry Observer

NEWBERRY — If you currently attend Newberry College or live in the community you probably know about Fine Arts and Lecture (FAL) events that students are required to attend.

Earlier in the 2017-18 school year, it was announced the FAL events would be phased out and no longer required. Students were instructed to complete the requirements for their FAL based on their academic year.

According to the Newberry College website, “The Fine Arts and Lectures Series (FAL) brings to our campus a variety of nationally and internationally known groups and individuals. Students are admitted to most of these cultural events free of charge.”

FAL events were put in place to encourage students to attend events they normally would not. The phase out has been receiving different responses.

Wiley Haskett, a senior graduating in May, says when she started attending Newberry College she enjoyed them because they were interesting.

Seniors graduating this upcoming May have been working to get their last FAL turned in before they leave Newberry College.

“As a current student, I like the phase out of the FAL, but just because I am a full-time student who has had to take a good handful of night classes along with working, so it was hard to fit in to my schedule. I was never able to go to any weekend FAL events because of work, and many of the weekday ones were on the nights of my classes,” said Logan Dortch, a junior.

Dean Sandra Rouse, dean of students, said she likes the FAL because it forces people out of their comfort zone. She added that the FAL provided another way for students to learn outside of the classroom, which many teachers try and incorporate into their curriculum.

“I am not a fan of the FAL phase-out because FAL open up opportunities for students and forces them to interact with each other,” she said.

She also believes that the FAL program should be replaced with another program in order to keep students active in the community and to greater improve their learning.

Victoria Corriston for The Newberry Observer

Victoria Corriston is a student at Newberry College.

Victoria Corriston is a student at Newberry College.