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Published professors at Newberry College

NEWBERRY — Several professors at Newberry College have had their works published. However, the process to get their work published can be long and tedious.

Dr. Charles Horn, a professor in the Biology Department, has had multiple research papers published. In order for him to get his work published he has spent years researching. This research involves traveling to places where rare plants have had reported sightings. After the research comes the editing, where his research will either be denied or approved. When his project is approved it will either be approved with edits or it will be approved as is. It may take a few modifications to get his work approved.

“You don’t know what you’re going to find… you have to realize that as you go through your research, you’re going to have to modify how you do things,” he said.

His research is mostly self-funded, but an agreement with the Forest Service allows him to broaden his research with help.

“My salary gets paid by the college, but I can hire some students using Forest Service money to help with my project,” he said.

His current project is based on a rare plant found in South Carolina called the May White Azalea. He has been working on the research for this project for over a decade. The method he took to get his research involved trips to the banks of the Broad River to see the plants blooming. With the help of students he has surveyed locations and re-evaluated areas where the plant has previously been found.

Sara Peters, a professor in the Psychology Department, is another faculty member who has had her research published. Recently, she had an article about how people interpret sarcasm published in an online academic blog called The Conversation. She conducted research on the topic of language perception, with a focus on sarcasm for years and was recently approached to write an article for the blog. She has written other articles for other academic journals throughout the past ten years. Part of the publishing process is choosing the right journal for her paper, meaning Peters will pick a journal that best suits her topic.

“There are a lot of different ways to measure journals and one of the most common in the field is by impact factor. That’s basically how many people are going to read this article? How big of an impact is it going to make on those readers? You really have to look at what the journal has published previously to see their scope and range,” Peters said.

Her research doesn’t take much funding because participants in her studies are not paid, but she is backed by the National Institute of Heath.

Dr. Terry Dohm a professor in the Humanities Department, is another published professor. His work involves religion which requires a different process to get published than a scientific article. Dohm attributes his success to the variety of people he met while attending college in Germany.

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. It all comes down to networking and the people you meet,” he said.

Dohm is constantly looking for ideas and attending conferences to broaden his knowledge and recently finished a paper he plans to present at a German Symposium this summer.

Psychology professor, Dr. Sara Peters, is among the Newberry College faculty members who have had their research published. professor, Dr. Sara Peters, is among the Newberry College faculty members who have had their research published. Jayleen Gant | For The Newberry Observer

Jayleen Gant for The Newberry Observer

Jayleen Gant is a student at Newberry College.