Newberry College dives into British rock ‘n’ roll

Jacob Jeffcoat for The Newberry Observer

NEWBERRY — In the May of 2019, Newberry College will offer a trip to all students to go to London and study where the roots of rock ‘n’ roll started.

Newberry College currently has a program in place that requires all students to take some type of May class labeled a “Maymester.” The “Maymester” is in place to give students the opportunity to take a class they normally would not take in their college career. These classes range from a baseball class to trips to other countries. This trip to London falls under this category, and will be included as a “Maymester” for Newberry College students.

The purpose of this trip is to give students the capability of exploring British rock ‘n’ roll from firsthand experience. The trip will be offered by EF tours, a company that provides educational tours in many different countries across the world. The professor heading up this trip will be Dr. Warren Moore.

Moore is an English professor, and has been at Newberry College since 2003. He also performs as a songwriter and drummer for The Berries, a local band in Newberry County.

Since a young age music has sparked Moore’s interests, and made him want to know more.

“I’ve lectured on the subject here at Newberry, both as part of the Faculty Lecture Series and as a guest in Barry McGinnis’s History of American Popular Music class,” Moore said.

During the trip, EF tours guide will take the students through London during the seven-day trip. The tour director has a detailed itinerary planned out, with a focus in the history of music in London. Moore will be along the tour, teaching the students things he has picked up over the years.

“I’ve been working with EF Tours to include elements like a Beatles-themed walking tour, and perhaps a secret surprise concert while we’re there,” he said.

If this meets yours interests or needs as a Newberry College student, the trip is available for you.

“The trip is expensive — currently it’s priced at about $3,200. However, that’s in part because London is an expensive city, and it’s worth noting that EF Tours offers a variety of payment/installment plans and strategies for individuals to fund their travel plans,” Moore said.

Jacob Jeffcoat for The Newberry Observer

Jacob Jeffcoat is a student at Newberry College.

Jacob Jeffcoat is a student at Newberry College.