Bednar running for House District Three

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CENTRAL — John C. Bednar, Professor Emeritus at Clemson University and author of The People’s President (In the Nation’s Service), is running for the national congressional office of Representative for District 3 (State of South Carolina) as a write-in, Independent candidate in the November 2018 election.

“With a 20% (up from 11% not too long ago) approval rating in the Congress of the United States, it is clear that both Republicans and Democrats have been unable to govern effectively. On tests and examinations a grade of 59 is a failing grade. A 20 would indicate total disregard for the subject matter and the class. The major reason for this state of affairs is basically money. It just takes too much money for anyone in our system to get elected. Many well-qualified and honorable leaders in our communities shy away from running for public office for this reason,” Bednar said.

“It takes too much money to stay in office, particularly in the House of Representatives where they have to run for reelection every two years. The only way we can change this state of affairs is to elect write-in Independent candidates all over the United States through the press and social media, sending out the message that we want much less partisanship, much less dependency on money and much more civic responsibility in Washington. To anyone who has suggested under writing my campaign financially I have politely refused, encouraging them to help a local school or charity or a friend in need. Just think of the impact this kind of thinking would have on our country if we tried it. Hundreds of millions of dollars could go to helping people instead of supporting partisan politics. I’m hoping that District Three will hear my message, show its own leadership and support me in this endeavor.”


Staff Report