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NCDSNB to hold art show

NEWBERRY — On March 22, the Newberry County Disabilities and Special Needs Board will host their third annual Artabilities Open House and Art Show from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at 115 Nance Street, Newberry.

There will be 48 pieces of art included in the show and Kindness Rocks painted by consumers on display. Pieces of art will be available for purchase during a silent auction, the Kindness Rocks will not. The NCDSNB plans to go into the community and hide the Kindness Rocks that consumers, along with members of the community have helped paint.

“Following the Open House we’ll focus on getting the rocks placed in the community, and on the back we would like for people to use #ncdsnbrocks and post them to our Facebook page,” said Cindy Farr, director of Quality Enhancement. “The Kindness Rocks are just important because it’s been a great lesson for the folks on kind of paying it forward and doing something for somebody else. A lot of the time they would paint the rock and want to keep it and then we would talk about how we would take it into the community and let somebody else find it and be inspired by it.”

Ribbons will be given in each category for first, second and third place and a Best in Show trophy. Categories for the Art Show this year are nature, whimsical and self expression.

Farr said that this year there will be a lot of artists who are returning with new art pieces as well as new artists.

“This is our third year, but it’s kind of our fourth cycle of doing this because the very first time the art pieces were taken to Columbia. Through the years we’ve had folks that stand out and really enjoy it and we do have some folks who haven’t done it before, but we do have a lot of returning folks,” she said.

Farr added that during the Art Show she is hoping that it will showcase the different abilities that their consumers have.

“We want to focus on the services that we provide to the community because people don’t always know what we do here, or what we’re about so we want to focus on that. We’re really hoping that people come out and spend an hour or so with us and meet folks and see what the workshops are all about while looking at the art,” she said.

Guests browse through the various paintings during the 2017 NCDSNB Art Show and Open House. browse through the various paintings during the 2017 NCDSNB Art Show and Open House. Courtesy photo

By Kelly Duncan

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