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Norman speaks at Rotary

NEWBERRY — Congressman Ralph Norman discussed tax reform and immigration, along with other D.C. updates, during a visit to the Rotary Club of Newberry.

Norman was elected in June, and he said it has been an exciting ride, with great things happening.

“I know why tax reform hasn’t been accomplished in 31 years, everybody has got their own particular issue. To bring all the states in has been difficult, but we have passed meaningful tax reform that is going to mean something to Newberry,” he said. “Joe Trainor’s automobile company can expand and write it off. The farmer that wants two or three tractors can write it off.”

Norman said the corporate tax went from one of the highest in the world to 21%.

“That is a good thing, people are going to get a bigger paycheck,” he said. “The effects have been 1.7 million new jobs, employment cut to 4.1 percent. I ask everybody how their 401K is doing now, when you judge it over the last eight years. It is doing well for most people.”

When it comes to GDP, Norman said we have been growing at one and a half percent over the last eight years, and we are now at three percent.

“We are going to do better than that when more tax reform takes over,” he said.

He also said that a family of four in South Carolina will get a tax cut of over $2,000.

“Folks that is not crumbs, that is money. If you could talk to the people we talk to, the bus driver that got the bonus of 200 dollars, that is a big deal. Money is going back to them,” Norman said.

Norman also talked about companies giving out bonuses. Some Newberry businesses doing so include AT&T, BB&T, Walmart and Lowe’s.

On the topic of immigration, Norman said that President Trump has cracked down on some 300 sanctuary cities.

“He made a comment the other day, if California keeps resisting it he’s going to pull the police (ICE) out, let them defend themselves. He is serious about immigration,” Norman said. “He has added over 100 judges to handle immigration cases.”

Norman added that we are a nation of borders, and we are a nation that has to restrict who is coming in, or put a handle on it, which he said Trump is doing.

When it comes to veterans, Norman said Trump has created a VA Hotline.

“He promised when he went into office to really take care of veterans, or at least have the dialogue,” Norman said.

Other veteran highlights include, a signed VA Accountability Act to make it easier to fire bad employees, working to expand access to veteran telehealth technology, authorize $2.1 billion in additional funds for the Veterans Choice Program and signed the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act.

Looking to the future, Norman said they have to do something with health care.

“We’ve got to involve the health care providers and insurance companies and make meaningful health care affordable and competitive for the folks across the country,” Norman said.

Congressman Ralph Norman (right) with Rotary Club of Newberry President Kimberly Kitchens (left). Ralph Norman (right) with Rotary Club of Newberry President Kimberly Kitchens (left). Andrew Wigger | The Newberry Observer

By Andrew Wigger

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