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Students to receive hands-on experience

NEWBERRY — In May a group of Newberry College students will travel to the Dominican Republic, under the supervision of Professor Mary Sheppard, Spanish instructor and academic specialist-International Students/Study Abroad Programs.

While on the trip students will be given the opportunity to interact with patients and doctors. This trip is meant to give the students an understanding of healthcare systems and cultural practices in a developing country.

“We felt like the hands-on medical experience combined with the homestays with Dominican families would offer maximum cultural immersion for the short time that we’ll be there,” said Sheppard.

On top of the medical component, the students will be speaking in Spanish to improve their language abilities and students will also tour the island. They will tour and spend a night in the capital city of Santo Domingo, go to the beaches and look for popular swimming holes and water falls.

“Students will have the opportunity to increase fluency in Spanish, work with doctors and patients in underserved communities and experience living and working in a developing country,” Sheppard said.

Michael Richter for The Newberry Observer

Michael Richter is a student at Newberry College.