NHS students compete in engineering

The girls were in a competition to design an energy efficient home. Some of the criteria were cost effectiveness, aesthetics, environmental friendliness, and creativity. Their design included a house which sat in a river that was powered by hydroelectric power and solar power. The design also included a system to purify the water used for electricity to make their own drinking water. Even though the girls did not win their competition, they gave a well prepared presentation.

The boys competed in a bridge building competition. They had 40 minutes to build a truss bridge out of 60 Popsicle sticks. The bridge had to span 12 inches. After the bridges were built, buckets were attached to the bridges and weight was added until the bridges broke. The boys’ bridge held 25.6 pounds before it broke. They lost by only three pounds.

NEWBERRY — The Newberry Engineering Team from Newberry High School competed in a competition on April 18 at Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College. Kaylee Busby, Katie Chappell, Kelsey Havird, Tyler Hill, Angel Kumari, Joaquin Pena-Salazar and Will Rumfelt attended the event.