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Be aware of not reporting for jury scam

NEWBERRY COUNTY — Newberry County Clerk of Court Beth Folk and Sheriff Lee Foster are warning citizens about a scam involving e-mails and telephone calls warning people about failing to report for jury duty. The scam advises the recipient that they failed to report and were required to go to a web site.

Newberry County as well as other jurisdictions send jury subpoenas through the mail and provide information on times of court and how to report. If a person fails to report, they would not get an e-mail or phone call demanding money or ordering the person to go to a web site. Do not open any links to web sites that are not verifiable. You can also look at the address of the mail sender. Government does not send official e-mails through Gmail, Yahoo, AOLor any other public domain.

Do not send money to any source that is not verified. Also government does not ask for gift cards or pre-paid debit cards.

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