Beware of scam phone calls

Staff Report

NEWBERRY COUNTY — Scammers are calling residents claiming to be a Newberry County Sheriff deputy or investigator demanding the resident to get money orders and/or gift cards. They leave a local number to call with a threat to follow instructions or face legal actions.

This is not a Newberry County Sheriff’s Office employee. No deputy would call demanding money, especially money orders or gift cards.

The numbers left are not Newberry County numbers, but are a common exchange used by Google voice. The use of these numbers is a common scam technique. Residents are also cautioned not to trust the caller ID of a phone because numbers can be spoofed or copied to resemble a familiar number.

In addition there have been several reports of the IRS scam going around. The IRS will not call and make demands of money or gift cards in lieu of arrest.

Should you have received such calls, hang up and let law enforcement know at 803-321-2222.

Staff Report