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New captain in town

NEWBERRY — Earlier this year Don Burton “Burt” Mohler III was promoted within the Newberry City Fire Department from lieutenant to captain and is now responsible for overseeing B Shiftas their shift captain.

“I remember the people here back when I was first getting in — Chief Earl, Stump Rowe, Mickey Johnson, just to name a few. So being here where they were, working your way up the ranks, you kinda look at it as now it is your turn to make sure the people below you are knowledged,” Mohler said.

Mohler was born in Charlotte, N.C., to Don Burton Mohler II and Doris Mohler. He lived in the Irmo/St. Andrews area until the fifth grade.

“My mother was born and raised here, and my sister was born here. My mother’s family is all from the West End. I have been here since the fifth grade. I went to the old Gallman Elementary School, then Newberry Middle School and then Newberry High School,” he said.

After graduating from high school in 1989, Mohler began working for EMS and stayed there for a couple of years and then decided to move over to the fire department as a volunteer. He said at the time all of his friends were here at the Fire Department and that is where he wanted to be.

Mohler stayed a volunteer for a couple of years, and then became a paid firefighter. He has been a paid employee of the Fire Department for the last 24 years. During his time at the Fire Department, Mohler has handled the fire code, saying that prevention is where he was focused.

“My specialized education is in the Fire Life Safety Codes, making sure the contractors are not doing the business owners wrong, and making sure the patrons are safe,” Mohler said. “We worked to make sure everyone understands it is not a bad thing, just a way to keep everyone safe.”

Also during his time at the Fire Department, Mohler started the Honor Guard in Newberry, which honors Newberry firefighters who have passed away.

Mohler is married to Lynn Mohler and together they have three children, Sarah, Laura and Noah, all of whom were excited to hear of his promotion.

Chief Keith Minick congratulated Mohler for his recent promotion to Captain, adding that Mohler is a vital part of the Newberry City Fire Department, with his knowledge of the fire reporting software program.

“This allows us to track the needed information that is used for our ISO (Insurance Service Office) rating. His knowledge in code enforcement as certified NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Fire Inspector I and also ICC (International Code Council) Inspector is a plus to this department to ensure our community stays fire safe,” Minick said. “Burt has spent several hours/days researching our current radio system to provide information to update our system. This will allow us to keep our firefighters safe during operations.”

Chief Keith Minick gives Captain Don Burton “Burt” Mohler III his new captain’s helmet. Keith Minick gives Captain Don Burton “Burt” Mohler III his new captain’s helmet. Courtesy photos
Don Burton “Burt” Mohler III receiving his captain’s helmet as he stands with B Shift. Burton “Burt” Mohler III receiving his captain’s helmet as he stands with B Shift. Courtesy photos

By Andrew Wigger

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