Sons of the American Revolution looking for members

Staff Report

NEWBERRY — Eighteen men in Newberry stepped forward in 1924 to recognize the patriotism and sacrifices of their ancestors in the American Revolution.

These 18 formed and chartered the Colonel Philemon Waters Chapter of the South Carolina Society, Sons of the American Revolution (SCSSAR).

When organizing the third SAR Chapter in South Carolina, these men determined to promote the objectives of the National Society in Newberry and the surrounding area. Briefly, the objectives are to preserve the history and ideals of the American Revolution and the heritage of the United States and its citizens.

The members of today’s SCSSAR through the local Colonel Philemon Waters Chapter strive to carry on the intent and objectives of the founders. The patriotic , historical, and educational programs and projects of the Chapter are aimed at organizations, individuals, and the general public who seek to achieve the patriotic spirit and pride demonstrated by the sacrifices and dedication of our ancestors.

Membership in the Sons of the American Revolution is restricted to male descendants of those who served in the military or civil service and those who provided other forms of support in America’s War for Independence. There are many descendants of Revolutionary Patriots who do not know their family history. If you are unsure of your ancestors but you are interested in the principles and objectives of the SCSSAR please contact us.

Descendants of all former members of SCSSAR have a quick and easy path to becoming a member of the present Chapter. Since 1924 there have been many local men active in SCSSAR.

Former rosters can be checked to determine eligibility through this path. The 1924 charter shows members, Aurthur Kibler, Joseph Keitt Sr., Joseph Lawrence Keitt Jr., John Martin Kinard Jr., John Ernest Summer, J. T. McFall, A. B. Bowers Sr., A. B. Bowers Jr., George W. Summers Sr., Dr. Wilson C. Brown, J. Claude Dominick, Henry W. Dominick, James M. McCaughrin, Dr. James M. Kibler, Thomas K. Johnstone, G. Leland Summer, John M. Kinard, Sr. and Fredrick H Dominick.

Shortly after it’s original charter and organization six more Newberry men, J. F. J. Caldwell, Z. F. Wright, E. B. Purcell, R. H. Wright, C. F. Wertz, and Charles E. Summer joined to promote the principles of the Society and the heritage of our ancestors. We encourage all descendants of these men and other former of members SAR to carry on the patriotic sprit of their fathers and grandfathers by joining us in our effort to preserve the heritage of our nation.

Any member will be glad to assist you with applying for membership. You can contact the Colonel Philemon Waters Chapter by email at

Staff Report