Council OKs first reading of zoning change

Anne Peters, director planning and zoning for Newberry County, points out a parcel under consideration for a zoning change by Newberry County Council. The owner of the property wants the parcel changed from residential to commercial so he can build a mini-warehouse and boat storage.

NEWBERRY — Newberry County Council has approved first reading of an ordinance that would change a parcel from single family residential (RS-1) to general commercial (GC) to allow a mini-warehouse and boat storage to be built.

The parcel, which is a little over two acres, is on the north side of Marina Way, off Holland’s Landing at Lake Murray.

“I had one individual, a neighbor, come to me about this change. He was not concerned about the change. He was not thrilled, but he was not concerned,” said Ann Peters, director of planning and zoning.

Councilman Steven Stockman voiced his concern, saying he had received calls from neighborhood residents worried the structure would be an eyesore.

Property owner Kenny Livingston assured Stockman that the warehouse and boat storage would be by the book, and a wooden fence would be around it.

Councilman Leslie Hipp asked Peters if the homeowners would be notified prior to the second reading.

“Yes, the neighbors who are directly next to the property will receive a letter and signs will be posted 15 days prior to the public hearing,” Peters said.

First reading passed after a motion was made by Councilman Travis Reeder and seconded by Councilman Bill Waldrop.

In other business, a consideration of bids for construction of a transfer station scale house was postponed to June 8 so more information could be presented at that time.

The construction bid was for a transfer station scale house. Currently a mobile unit is used. Bids for the construction were presented by Purchasing Director Crystal Waldrop — $47,800 from Cannon Associates and $54,997 from WE Baker & Son.

Bill Waldrop asked why a new building was needed.

“The scale house at the transfer station has long been susceptible to animal infestations, which have taken their toll over time, making the structure less than ideal for staff working quarters,” County Administrator Wayne Adams said.

The animal infestation dealt with feral cats that would get into the building, and in some cases die in the building. However, Waldrop could still not get behind the new building that would mainly be for one employee.

“I do not see why we need a $47,800 building for one person,” he said. “I think it is way too much for this building.”

Council decided to push back the consideration until more information could be presented. Waldrop said he would still not support that price, for one person to sit in there.

Other Business

• A public hearing was held for the 2015-16 budget, which is balanced at $23,116,011.

• A resolution passed that approved a mutual aid agreement between the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office and Lexington County.

• Reeder appointed Keith Suber to the Recreation Commission.