NCWSA gives project updates

By Kelly Duncan -

NEWBERRY — NCWSA Manager Brent Richardson reported that the Lake Murray Water Treatment Plant saw raw water turbidity of 2.7 NTU, a slightly lower number than last month along with a reported 0.13 NTU in settled water turbidity and combined filter turbidity at 0.02 NTU for the period.

LMWTP’s Running Annual Average TOC Removal Ratio and Locational Running Annual Averages at all HAA and TTHM (Disinfection By-Products) sample sites are in compliance. Laboratory construction is currently underway.

Water distribution for the month was good, with only two main line breaks on Mt. Tabor ( 6”- damaged by contractor) and Jollystreet Roads (6”- minor split). Four new water services have since been installed.

Richardson reported that there was no update on the Macedonia Church Road Line Relocation Project. NCWSA is currently waiting to hear from SCDOT on a Right-of-Way acquisition.

A permit to operate has been issued by SCDHEC to move forward with the Little Mountain Force Main Extension. This project provides sewer service to a new dentist office near the intersection of West Church Street and North Mill Street.

“It is approved for operation, so we can actually get the dentist office up and rolling in Little Mountain,” said Richardson.

NCWSA saw a good month regarding the Cannons Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility.

“We had a meeting on Feb. 27 with SCDHEC for our Compliance Evaluation Inspection. They didn’t note any major deficiencies on site,” said Richardson.

NCWSA maintained compliance with all NPDES Permit parameters at the WWTP. A Dissolved Oxygen control unit, $2,100 and a level transducer, $700 were recently replaced.

There was one main line break in the Wastewater Collection Department at Mid-Carolina Commerce Park (6”-PS discharge piping). A 29 Hp pump (Jalapa Road PS) was pulled for evaluation and repair. Two new sewer services were installed.

Other business:

• NCWSA Assistant Manager Daniel Quattlebaum presented the financial report for the month of February. Water revenu brought in a total of $226,970, resulting in a 71.6 percent projection, staying ahead of the budget. NCWSA saw a total of $275,025 in water revenue, which was a loss of $48,055 on water for February.

“Even though we’ve had to use a lot of red ink, expenses are below projection despite this being a rough month for us,” said Quattlebaum.

Quattlebaum reported that sewer revenue for the month came in at $70,865 against $116,730 for a $45,865 loss.

• The NCWSA Board approved the ammended version of the Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Ordinance that was discussed in last month’s meeting.

• Richardson reported no new updates on the Newberrry Shores/Bedford Way Flow Diversion Project. Richardson also gave an update on Meter Replacement- Commercial/ Industrial. He reported that right at 4,000 residential meters have been installed.

“On operational efficiency, when we were manually reading meters we had two employees with 10 working days each/month. With these meters, we’re down to one employees with three working days/month,” said Richardson.

The new system will provide hourly usage data for approximately 90 days. Commercial/industrial replacement is in progress and the goal for all water meters to be replaced is Dec. 2018. Total funds approved for water meter replacement total at $890,000, with funds expended of $858,031. This left a remaining balance of $31,969. The Board unanimously voted to request an additional $100,000 funding request.

• April’s Board meeting has been rescheduled to April 27.

• Quattlebaum and Richardson briefly discussed with the Board their trip to the SC Environmental Conference. They discussed odor and corrosion control and leveraging IT to Improve Efficiency.

• The SCSPD Leadership Program is scheduled for May 16 River Center at Saluda Shoals Park.

By Kelly Duncan

Reach Kelly Duncan at 803-768-3123 ext. 1868 or on Twitter @TheNBOnews.

Reach Kelly Duncan at 803-768-3123 ext. 1868 or on Twitter @TheNBOnews.